To end the day of at Layton, everyone either got into twos or went on their own to create a screencast. My screencast was about the app ping pong. I worked together with Imogen and each saved our own screencast. To create our screencast we went on the app and took screenshots on every different step. To create the video we used a app called shadow and it let us talk over the video. To take a look at the screencast press play on the attachment at the bottom of the post. It was great fun making the screencast and they are very helpful. Ping pong uses a host and guest and since I did it on the host,the screencasts aimed for the teachers.

Screencast of ping pong

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  • June 21, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    wow I’m totally gonna use ping pong i loved the academy to bits imo and liv luv u

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