Today, we travelled to Layton Primary School to learn about our duties and responsibilities as a Digital Leader. We assigned roles to each other and used the Post-it-Plus app. Here is my result:


We then went on Apple Maps to find out school in a 3D vision. Afterwards, we designed different logos  and voted for which one was going to represent Norbreck. Cara’s was chosen. We were shown how to create a blog and we were taught different ways to teach things in a creative way such as using the Yakit Kids and Ditty app. Once it was nearly time for lunch, we had a fun quiz on an app called PingPong. After lunch, we were shown augmented reality and created a short Screen Cast. We were able to create them on Explain Everything and Shadow Puppet. Here is what I did:

Norbreck Primary Academy’s First Post

One thought on “Norbreck Primary Academy’s First Post

  • June 20, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    Victoria – this is awesome! Congratulations on your first screen cast! You’ll be able to share this with your teachers and peers at school. Please keep on blogging to share what you are doing back t school.

    Mrs Jones 🙂
    Assistant Headteacher
    Layton Primary School

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