Hi, I’m Charlotte! I’m part of the Holy Family Primary School’s digital leader’s! I’m going to tell you little bit about me! I’m 10 years old and in year 5. I go to a great school with loads of friends and I have a lovely supportive family to help me along my journey. I like to read with  one of my fab route Teaching assistants Mrs Knight! My main teacher is called Mrs Pearce! I also like animals and video games. I like to learn and my  favroute subject is Guided read! So far in my journey to become a good digital media leader is great! I’ve used loads of new apps and I have enjoyed today so far! My best friend, Lacee has done a post with me and now doing her own posts. We also have with us Thomas and Mikolaj (We call him Mimi). That is our team and I hope people support us in the process.!

That is the end of my post so Bye!

Hi, I’m Charlotte!

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  • June 21, 2016 at 8:59 am

    You’ve introduced yourself really well here Charlotte! I am sure you will have lots of support in school and it is your role as digital leaders to pass on your knowledge to other children and most importantly the teachers! Well done.
    Mrs Maddocks
    Layton Primary School

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