Hello everyone. We are the digital leaders from Ashbrook Infant and Nursery School.

Today we talked about what we need to do as digital leaders. We decided that we would:

  • help each other and our teachers to learn about technology
  • visit other schools to help and learn from them
  • take part in assemblies
  • help to take care of the iPads
  • raise money for new technology in the school
  • trying out new equipment and apps
  • charge iPads overnight
  • to try our best

We learned some new apps and even though we had some problems we still tried our best. We used:

  • Yakit Kids
  • Maps
  • Spacecraft 3D
  • I am Astronaut
  • Chatterpix Kids
  • Puppet Edu

and we have also blogged.


Hello from Ashbrook Infant and Nursery School

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