Hi we are Great Barford digital leaders (we are the best digital leaders in the school)
Emma, Marley, Kylan ,Eva ,Harry and Miles

We are aiming to help Great  Barford school in different ways:
.To have fun using I.C.T
.To look at new technology
. To help others understand the world of technology
.we will meet up every 2 weeks

Things we hope to be working on:

-Add things to our school website

– Make  a values video

– Train other schools

– Inestigate how I.C.T can be used in our nuture  room

– A notice board to let the school know what we are doing.

– Help teachers to include I.C.T in their assemblies.

-Investigate how we can use I.C.T to show trips.

– We hope to set up a lunchtime club






Great Barford Digital Leaders

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