Digital Leader Academy


The digital leader academy initiative has been a big success wherever it has run. There are two main options for an academy.

Option 1 – Digital Leader Academy Launch Day

This day takes place following the application and selection process of student digital leaders in your school. The day is spent with Mark supporting digital leaders in the roles that they will undertake as part of their work in the school. This would require you to have gone through an application process with the students at the school and for you to have chosen your digital leaders. The DLA day would be a launch day with Mark helping the students to set up their work in the school and to spend the day running through a number of activities to help them within their role, such as:

  • working with adults
  • creating screencasts
  • the role of a digital leader
  • setting up a blog to share elearning CPD

There will be a number of incidental learning experiences across the day too in technologies that will support learning and the work that teachers do that the children will be able to cascade to teachers as a result of the day too. Resources to support this training will also be created by the children on the day.

“I am so proud of what the Digital Leaders have achieved this year working with Mark.” – Laura Dickinson, eLearning Lead, North Tyneside Learning Trust.

Option 2 – Digital Leader Academy Hub Day

This option is essentially the same as Option 1 except a school that already has student digital leaders acts as a hub to invite other local schools in so that other children and schools can start their Digital Leader journey. The Hub days have been very successful with the last one involving 12 schools, 120+ children and 22 teachers across Primary, Secondary and FE. The way in which the day can be set up is something that can be done on a bespoke level through discussion with the Hub school and Mark.

“The Digital Leader Academy at Layton Primary has been a massive success. The teachers have left buzzing with ideas to take back into their schools and the children cannot wait to help either. Roll on the next one!” – Claire Jones, Assistant Headteacher, Layton Primary School.



The work with the Digital Leaders in North Tyneside has led to two publications to the iBook Store with Apple about their work:

Further impact on the Digital Leader Academy days can be seen on this very site with blog posts from children who have attended including the resources that they have made. Visit this link to find out more.


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