Welcome to the Digital Leader Academy website. This site is a location for digital leader groups taking part in the ‘DLA’ to share their blogs in one central place and to act as a conduit for sharing between the different schools.


The Digital Leader Academy is an initiative led by Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist to support schools with their student digital leader groups across the UK.

Schools are always looking for ways to ensure that their investment in technology leads to a learning return that can impact on standards. Again and again the student ambassadorship programme that is Student Digital Leaders has brought countless positive impacts to technology deployments in schools.

I loved the Digital Leader Academy and can’t wait to take the ideas back into my school and start making an impact!

A passionate advocate for student digital leaders, the Digital Leader Academy site is a place for student digital leader groups that participate in the Digital Leader Academy to come together digitally, share their work, resources, screencasts and more and blog about their efforts in their various schools around the world.

I was really proud when I was able to make my own book and publish it to the world.

How does it work?

The Digital Leader Academy can be run in a number of ways…

More often than not it sees a host school run a day (or more often two days repeated due to popularity) and invite other schools to join in with the Academy. Other days have previously involved Mark working with a new Student Digital Leader group in a school. Over the course of the day, Mark works with the lead teacher and the students / pupils to get them set up and to train both children and staff in ways that they can make the group work for them in their school. Mark works closely with the link teacher in all scenarios to ensure that the day works to its maximum potential and fits the needs of the school.

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The multi-school day normally sees the different school groups familiarise themselves with a variety of different elements that support their roles as student digital leaders. Children will create things such as blogs for sharing their resources, they will learn new apps to support teaching and learning in their school. Children will network and learn alongside children from other schools. Often the days will culminate in a Kidsmeet event where children share things that they do in their schools as student digital leaders and apps that they use in their lessons.

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How do I get this happening in my school?

Firstly, you don’t have to run your Student Digital Leaders in this way. You can run the group however you want. Experience has shown that working with Mark has significantly helped with the impact that the group has in the school.

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To find out more or if you’d be interested in hosting a Digital Leader Academy in your school please contact Mark via his site or via the form on the ‘Digital Leader Academy in your school‘ page.




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